Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Ok, I'm not going to update this blog anymore you guys. It's all moved over to http://www.supercw.com/blog and, with the exception of a splash page, it's totally done.

Bookmark/subscribe/link the new site and bye bye forever, blogger. It wasn't fun having to retype your word verification twice for every entry made because the first one was ALWAYS wrong. I mean, I liked you... but that wasn't cool.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Meta Monday! on a Sunday!

It should be longer. It could be longer. Maybe one day it will be longer. But I guess I'll live with 10 seconds.

Chinatown First Friday Art Walk in 10 Seconds from Fort Street Pulse... I helpded!!

AND... one of the most compelling finds this year. It's so sad and amazing. I can't even stand it. I'm speechless. Tell me you've seen post secret? Please look. OMG.

Look through the site. Subscribe. Watch the video. Cry. Laugh. Cry more. Then think more as you saunter through your week.

[new supercw.com up soon! wooo]

DOWN time!

So Carlos is totally freaking me out. He is talking about all this blog stuff and archives and formats and I'm just thinking... are all these years and hours that I've invested going to be rolled into some lameo everyday wordblogspotpress plain jane blogroll yada yada that looks like every other blog in the world? No WAY! SUPERCW.COM is SPECIAL damn it. It's very personal and very heartfelt and even though when I look through all these archives I notice quite a bit of cheese, there is a sincere appreciation for everything I've been able to witness and lurk and distribute in this medium. It CAN'T be less than perfect.
You know what? I trust him. His other sites are very simple and elegant and he himself pretty much rules. I guess being so fiercely independent and in control of what I do for so long is what's creating all this hesitance. In actuality? I'm hyped! I think?
No, I am. It's gonna rule.

So supercw.com will be down for the next 24-72 hours while the domain name is redirected. Be patient. Look at my old school blogs if you need a fix. For now...... it's all under construction.

You know something else... I mean, Amy for example. She is right there with me as far as seeing the new gen take over blog-and-age-wise. But, I'm freaking out because she has actually actually suggested that she may even stop blogging all together. This can't happen. Just because there are younger, more vibrant, more sleazy, more colorful, more talented, more intelligent, more whatever types creating their own domains doesn't mean that YOURS still isn't being tirelessly stalked for whatever personal reasons your readers have. Please just never stop. I vote yes to all the thirtysomething photo bloggers on the Interweb forever. Love, Christa.

OH! ps: don't think i don't have a bank of shots just waiting to be shown to you ver soon. including molly's crazycrazyfun80snight birthday party. SOON!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday Showdown...

[photo by rich kim]

...it IS, after all, the second Saturday. I got the text for this competition's theme but totally forgot what it was. I know that brilliantairre Maui artist Joe Pa'a'hana is participating, and since the LOST people are back on island working they might have whipped something up too. Shane Cross? You in? Who else... Gerard? Rob? Well, in any case I always enjoy these. Get there early to get a good spot-- this thing fills up.

Also tonight-- Terren Zorne and Chris Cano are debuting their new party at Longhi's. Very posh stuff. Body painting, bottle service (recommended-- the booths at Longhi's are rad), checkered floor. Should be right.... and you always want to be at the first anything, right? Always always always the best one.

Friday, September 7, 2007

First Friday. You know the Deal.

Some special events are happening though. Mainly the "official" launch of Alex and Corey's site that you've heard me mention here and there. It's called "DoSomethingTonight" and it's pretty good. Most times the faces behind anything web or technology driven are NOT like this:

I don't know how they get anything done with it since they're always out partying but whatever man. It's the best resource that I've seen and totally unbiased. If you do any events and you haven't sent them the info go ahead and do that. Come by their launch party tonight too. They're really nice guys. They probably won't be sober tho. Just saying.

Later you can see the first ever MC battle at O Lounge at FLOW. Or see the portrait thing at Thirtyninehotel that I mentioned earlier this week. Or just stay at Next Door and check out Doc Martin. That's always a nice crowd.


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Labor Day? Eh....

...the usual. You know.

The long long long update is ready ready ready. Click, click away. More soon.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Ok. So you may or may not know that I have a bit of a thing for portraits. Portraits and trees. If I was any good at photography you can bet that I would be chasing all of you down to sit for a cw-style portrait. Look for my faves one day, but for now you can look forward to the new exhibit at Thirtyninehotel this Friday. I know, right. First Friday. A.k.a. When-Downtown-turns-into-ZOO day.

date: Friday, September 7
event: First Friday Opening Reception
time: 6pm-9pm & 9pm-2am
admission: FREE (21+ w/valid ID)
6pm-9pm, opening reception for Portraiture Revisited: thirtyninehotel's First Annual Juried Exhibition.
Artists: Mandell Andres, Dana Forsberg, Jaqueline Hegarty, Erika Johnson, Wendy Kawabata, April Lee, Mark Maresca, Lori Ohtani, Jessica Oshita, Ryan Kerns.
Juror: Gaye Chan, Artist and Chair, Department of Art and Art History at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
After the reception, stick around for DJ Harvey and Chittom. Global cult hero DJ Harvey joins Double Joy’s Mark Chittom for an evening of left-field classics, nu-disco, and wall-to-wall revelry.

Sounds SUPER exciting to me. I won't miss this for the world. TONIGHT you can actually head over there for some chill music and yummy fruit drinks. It's also Kaleidoscope so tonight is Around the World w/Cherry Blossom Cabaret, Black Square, Malcognitas, & Scrabbel (from SF!). Wait. Cherry Blossom?! I'll go around the world with YOU! HAWT.

Best Find EVER.....

...and I *technically* didn't find it. It's the rentable photo booth! Ok, anyone on the mainland reading this, go ahead and K to the next blog because I'm sure you have something like this on speed dial.

But HAWAII!! OMG! WTF! LOL! You must check out Bluecheese Hawaii and rent that ish. Then INVITE me. I'm sitting here on a Tuesday morning trying to come up with unique photo booth concepts. Chris hit this already after that stint at ice palace and yes, I think I agree that the individuals are my fave.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Labor Day Weekend, day POOL

Woah. Nice evening. Let's relax today. Drive to the Sheraton Waikiki. Park in the garage. Walk outside to the pool. Validate your ticket. Buy a mojito. Lurk all the skin. Enjoy Sunday. For three dollars and free parking.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Labor Day Weekend, day one

Saturday. I know there's something I'm supposed to be doing. Can't. Quite. Figure it out.

Either way! Tonight is the GROUNDUP movement. The last one was dopedopedope so make sure you get to chinatown. It's right across from Little Village and there is no age requirement whatsoever.

Later tonight at E&O there is a monthly happening from the Downtowne ladies Ruby and Kayko. If you don't know about these parties, I'm not sure I really want to tell you. They are for women who love women and they go OFF on the themes. Tonight is fashion week and I'm not missing this for the world.

More soon, these are the picks tho. Check my boys at DoSomethingTonight.com for a more intensive list. I know Adam Saaks is back-- I saw him at the Smart mag party. So get a shirt at Skyline!

OOOOOh and Nicole Scherzinger is back home to host da kine at the Monkey Bar with the Vertial Junkies at the Hyatt. Don't not go! She's single now and hothothot.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Stuff to Do, starting now.

SO ya ya ya summer is over. Come on you guys. Is it REALLY that bad? Maybe I'm just clueless since I live alone and have no associations with anything seasonal (including the weather-- it's always nice here) or educational (unfortunately), but I REALLY could care less that it's Labor Day. You shouldn't either. The year is winding down, that's sort of odd. It went by fast. I'm not sure what makes time go by fast anyway. I mean-- it's always going at the same pace, it's just when we actually stick our head up and notice it.
Well whatever. It's just Labor Day. Not like the craziest milestone. Let's talk more about time and legacies at the end of December, K?

Meanwhile-- DON'T get overwhelmed for this weekends activities!!! Let's just take it one day at a time. It's always better to have 7 things on your plate that way when you only make it to 4 or 5 it's still a very successful weekend. I'll take it one day at a time for your weekend suggestions on here anyway. With the exception of Skin, because you need to plan for that one. The rest? Eh. Just do what I do and have one drink at each event. I swear one day I'll make a party hopping pop-up book. For now, here:

Lunch at the Contemporary Museum today would be a good idea. Get up there! They are debuting the new exhibit and it's supposed to be HELLA dope. All smoke and mirrors. I already mentioned something about this. I'm hella excited to see the Phantasmagoria.... and eat an avacado wrap. [photo by c. russell -sb]

Whirl away from the office and right into the lovely property of the Honolulu Academy of Arts for "Endless Summer" and see Keoki make surfboards. These are always fun and overflowing with interesting people. Lurk the photo galleries from past events to see what I mean on their website.

Go to Art After Dark early. Like, right at 6pm. Do a whizz-through-whirlwind tour of everything and then get your ass over to UH for Jake's Onthe1. He does these regularly and knows what he's doing. ALLLLL college students are free so get there before its over at 10:30

NEXT!! More Hip Hop because that's the best stuff to dance to. Let's just dance dance dance tonight ok? Check out the Nomasterbacks album release at Tropics over by Ward:

If, for some reason, you aren't down with that then you can't go wrong at Soul Clap. That's Esake's deal so you know it goes off, and when I say "off" I mean very good vibe, you can dance if you want to, you can chat if you want to, and guaranteed there will be a nice chill place to kick it if you want to. Nocturnal Sound CREEEW!

Starting off the Weekend....

...with Wednesday highlights. It was epic people, and it all started when I snuck in to the Better Brands Holiday Show. The photo blog is ready. I hope you are.

wednesday will always be hanohano room pau hana

somewhat crazy at the senior frog's big opening party

danced it all off at acid wash tho

labor day activities posting will be very soon. enjoy!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

WOAH Wednesday was....


Full report soon. Trust.

TONIGHT! Smart Magazine is throwing it back ya'll. Don't not go! This is going to be the best issue launch they've ever had. Live art by Joe who is one of the best. Esake spinning. Nocturnal Sound CREEEW!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How's your Tuesday? Wanna see some photos??

...well OK!

Here's the latest photo blog installment from my long version.

Includes stuff from the WAY fun Diesel scent launch party thing, the KUMU live breakfast, the lunar eclipse and some random inserts. WOAH!

Anything you can do SHE can do better...

Nadine Kam is blogging! I'm hyped. It's called Fashion Tribe but trust me, I'm sure there will be tid bits from all sorts of arts and nightlife stuff in addition to the fashion scene. I see her everywhere and she is definitely one of my faves. Bookmark that ish!

Also this week, it's going to be a pretty jam packed weekend you guys. Get ready. The big ones? Downtowne, GroundUP, Skyline, and Russell Tanoue's finale for that model search thingie. I'll give you more details soon. As for TONIGHT! Hedwig, Commando, & Lyle Matsuura are all playing live at Next Door and it's 18nup so all you college kids (welcome back!) make sure you check it out.

Next door to Next Door at Bar 35 is their usual B rated classic sci-fi, monster/horror, Kung Fu night. Have a drink!

So last night's moon! I didn't know you could see it all the way in Vegas. Rad.

Monday, August 27, 2007


So I totally saw an amazing total solar eclipse in Newquay (that's in England) in like 1999 or something. Two full minutes of total darkness in the middle of the day. It was crazy. Like the end of the world and I'm not even kidding. All the birds started freaking out and squawking and it got really cold. It was a moment where the power of Earth and the sun and the universe could be felt, that's for sure. No wonder people freaked out about that kind of stuff in the beginning parts of humanity.

Well tonight Hawaii is fortunate enough to be in the pathway of a total LUNAR eclipse. These are pretty dope too. I mean, I can only imagine what our ancestors thought when that huge white ball in the sky turned blood red. I'm sure something was sacrificed.

Either way, they say it should start getting awesome tonight around 11pm. Make sure you stay up. If you can't bear to go outside alone there WILL be a webcast from NASA. Gotta love those guys.